“A country which grows up at incredible speed after suffering for Long Wars”

Basic Information

  1. Religion : Folk(Or Irreligious)73%/Buddhism12%/Christianity8%/Caodaism5% etc
  2. GDP per person: $2,740
  3. Polulation: 95million(2017)
  4. Capital:Hanoi( Hanoi:Tradition/History/Government    Ho Chi Minh:Industry)

Country Brief

For very long time in its history, Vietnam has suffered for the Wars. Those are especially the one with China and USA. From B.C. 111, Vietnam had been under control of China dynasty, and they had fought agianst many China Dysnasties. After that, Vietnam is invaded by France and Japan. After Japan left, Vietnam had been involved in the fight between Russia and USA. Especially in the time of Vietnam War, the war technology has been developed and that made the terrible Chemical Weapons(Called “AGENT ORANGE”), and that gave really huge damage to Vietnam nature and people. But Vietnam never gave up, and Vietnam has finish its war in 1975, from that time, Vietnam started to grow rapidly economically especially after “Doi Moi Policy(Economic Reform from Socialism to Capitalism) in 1986”,  Now, there are more and more foreign companies which start to make factories in Vietnam for its cheaper labour cost. That means there are more and more foreign investment. The GDP per person is still at low level comparing to other developed coutries, but it is growing up incredibly every year. And some more, the average age in Vietnam is 29-year-old, So Young!! So much energy.   By the way, from my point of view, 1. its seafood gastronomy is a “MUST TRY”, 2.Ladies in Ao Zai are “MUST SEE”

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